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Memorable Gifts (FALL 2022)

This division creates totally unique and creative products for the whole family.  Kinda like lego (ages 4-99) and even if you’re 100+ years of age, PTC will even have something for you.  As the other 2 divisions of PTC products begin to grow and become more stable, Memorable Gifts will be the next in line to spread its wings; and with a FALL 2022 date to announce the opening of this division, you’ll have time to purchase some local memorable gifts for your friends and family for the holiday season 2022!

Memorable Gifts purpose is to bring back connection with our families and friends, gain back the loss of connection that is so vital for the health of everyone within our communities and to design products that customers feel the importance and reasoning behind why they were made, for their own particular reason.  Products with a human heart felt touch! 

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