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Epic Landscaping

PTC Landscape designs focus heavily towards not having to mow a lawn!  Minimal upkeep or a style known as XERISCAPING or this is a deep unearthing of our own laziness?  Maybe, I dunno but basically the definition is: “it’s the process of landscaping or gardening, that reduces the need for irrigation” or in layman’s terms, don’t gotta use lots of water; which in turn saves you money and helps reduce your impact on the one thing that is keeping us alive.  Win Win! It’s a style that has been used for a long time but if you wanna read more about it and it’s origins, click here.

Also, although grass is cool (can lay sod if preferred), these designs based off of gardening and low upkeep are the focus, for many reasons, but deep down these designs look stunning and provide customers more time for the important things and people in their lives!  

Before Landscaping

After Landscaping

EPIC LANDSCAPING is meant to be something beyond the generic look and feel of most landscaping designs and installations.  Bringing that custom look beyond all other homes in your area, is a goal but not the crux of what this division is meant to be about.  All PTC products and services are meant to allow for PTC creativity to flow and with the designs to WOW you upon completion and ‘Epic Landscaping’ is no different. 

Beyond the designs, products and services provided below, please reach out for additional needs, PTC offers the following but is not limited to:

  • Drainage around your home
  • Paver installations for paths and patios,
  • Wooden fences and decks,
  • Full sod installation,
  • Wooden and rubber borders,
  • Removal and disposal of concrete paths, driveways, etc
  • Full dump trailer services
  • Mini-skid steer equipment/operation for half day, full day and multi-day services,
  • Custom benches and seating areas,
    Fully custom accent pieces,
  • Custom outdoor kitchens,
    Giant ponds or tiny ponds!!!
  • And more! Reach out with your project and see what we can do for you!

Get a quote on custom pipe creations

This is where the fun happens.  Sky’s the limit for possible custom steel pipe creations and shelving specifically.  Interested in a steel pipe accent wall?  Full custom man/women cave that will have your friends in the future making your home the place for game nights?  Whatever you dream, PTC will work tirelessly to make it happen!

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