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What PTC is About

Community and Connection

Business is new to 2021 and every intention is to acquire local suppliers for manufacturing of products, partner with local businesses, and give back to the community in a multitude of ways.  Future employees, the priority will be given to MHDP (Veterans, First Responders, Front Line Workers and Corrections). 


This is an ever expanding business.  PTC will continue to expand its offerings to customers for years to come.  Products from our Sask community are welcomed and will be supported by PTC to bring awareness and financial success for the creativity of others’ visions and efforts.

Business Model, Not Just Business

Build a business model around the things that truly make a life happier, where our children can be proud of us and allow that happiness gained to bring success and support for not just myself but others in the local community as a whole. 


We’re a country based on freedoms of choice, expression and speech.  I don’t believe in taking those things for granted.  I will always be there to defend you and back any person that has these basic rights infringed upon.  We are Canada, the land of the free.  I support keeping it that way.  

Human and Humour

Robots are cool but they aren’t the best at human communication.  Some convenient methods will be implemented with PTC business model to assist with the overall success but as the owner I’m only a dial away and if you’re someone hurting, i’m here to listen, take a good venting, or just chit chat, 24 hours a day!


A priority of PTC is to employ and support individuals from Mental Health Debilitating Professions (Veterans, First Responders, Front Line Health Care, Corrections and Social Workers).  These professions have given society the most of themselves.  PTC will be there to give the most we can to them. 

Lover of Trail Running

Trail running saved me and I want to share that passion with others to help them use trail running as a ‘healing mechanism’ to find belief in themselves they never thought possible.

Aboriginal Support

Being Aboriginal is only one part of my heritage but a key cog in what makes us Canadian.  I feel blessed to have support for my business through SIEF and want to extend that support to aboriginal businesses, local merchants and causes in our community. 


Covid-19 sucks but this doesn’t mean a customer’s safety has to.  With broad experience in PPE measures, PTC can provide customers the highest level of safety for peace of mind or willingness to shake your hand.  Let PTC know what is comfortable for you!


We need Mother Earth to live!  PTC products and services are geared towards measures that help protect our tiny world in this giant universe.  Xeriscaping is one of those ways PTC can make your yard look great, while also being a little friendlier to our planet!

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