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How PTC Helps

Hard Times or Open Heart 5% Discount

PTC understands the difficult times we have all faced, some more fortunate than others and is why we want to be able to offer a discount to those who need it and to those who don’t, can pay it forward to those who do. 

5% discount applied to EVERY PRODUCT PURCHASE and SERVICE.  Do you need a little help yourself?  Or is it a time that you’re able to give back?  You can decide but either way it’s helping someone in need.

A helping hand overall, no matter the direction, ain’t too bad a thing!  Until PTC Charity is up and running, donations will be split between the Sask Legion and OSI CAN.

3 Yearly Draws

Every year, for each product division (Memorable Gifts, Steel Pipe Creations, Epic Landscaping), there will be a draw for a lucky winner.  Each time a customer purchases a product in one of the divisions, they automatically get put into a yearly draw for the amazing below prizes:

Memorable Gifts

Free gift basket showcasing some of PTC many gifts, to yourself, or specifically to a loved one of your choice

Steel Pipe Creations

One room of fully custom shelving or 3 custom shelves in separate locations in the home/business,

Epic Landscaping

2 custom garden boxes, designed, manufactured, installed in desired locations.


It’s simple! Buy a product, in 1 of 3 business divisions, get entered for a chance to win. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Winners are announced the 1st June each year.

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