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PTC Charity


Over the years I have been a big advocate for the mental health suffering community and specifically, alternative methods of healing to help those suffering.  I personally have gone through years attempting to ‘fix’ my condition of PTSD and the more I relied on the promoted system of healing (medication, psychologist, psychiatrists), the worse I became.  Even going down paths of trying newly accepted measures like marijuana.  I was 15 years clean and when Covid-19 happened, with little support and a very addictive personality, I was at the 2nd lowest point of my life.  Veterans Affairs helped me financially while I was going through school for my next planned career (firefighter) but once I changed course to pursue being a small business owner, there was no support in site and only attempts to force me into a direction I did not want to go.  I knew deep down and from past experience, healing comes from an individual choice to get better and what path you’re being ‘pushed’ or ‘forced’ to pursue, might not be the right direction for you.  The point is, everyone heals differently and has different “healing mechanisms (HMs)” in their lives that will bring success. 

From years of suffering and hardship I found those personal HMs that worked for me but started to let go and make excuses the more I did.  First being, giving back to my community and others.  The pandemic kinda ruined a lot of crap for all of us and with little personal support, I started holding resentment and anger, rather than being there as a leader expressing inspiration and joy.  Luckily I did have some people who helped take over certain ventures I founded and through those people I felt reinvigorated and blessed.  Shawn Weimer and the ‘YQR VetRun’ partnering with the ‘First Responders Run’ for me was really a moment of hope.  Deep down helping out has always been one of my personal HMs and from my experience, this HM is a means for many great souls to heal.  Second healing mechanism and probably my personal most important one is running!  Running might be an oversimplification but the constant pursuit to understand what my body and mind was capable of, brought successes in the other aspects of my life.  This HM brought mental/physical health, energy and happiness to where the responsibilities and day to day activities weren’t a headache but rather easily achievable life challenges in a world of much larger ones.  It changed my life finding this HM!

Animal Therapy works!


This is where PTC Charity comes in.  I know many that use various types of medication with success or have an amazing mental health professional that they swear by but these most popular pushed methods aren’t for everyone.  PTC Charity focus will be providing direct funding to individuals in the MHDP (Mental Health Debilitating Professions) in choosing what HMs they feel will work for them, so they may have the choice in how they can heal.

Here is a list of some of the different Healing Mechanisms PTC Charity will be supporting in the future but are not limited to:

  • Animal Therapy (dog, equine)
  • Health and Wellness (Nutritionists, personal trainers, equipment, etc)
  • Naturopathy (natural or self healing)
  • Peer Support (regular or relatable)
  • Holistic ( physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health)
  • Cultural Healing (sweat lodges, etc)
  • Creativity (music, arts, etc)
  • Team Building
  • Mentors and Motivational Speakers
  • Mental Health Services (counsellors, psychiatrists, psychologists)
  • Medication (prescription/over-the-counter medications, marijuana, etc)
  • Education (knowledge is power after all)
    And many more

Due to PTC as a company being new to 2021, the charity will have further announcements for 2022, with an official announcement date of 2023 to start giving direct support to individuals in MHDP.

The ways that someone can heal are limitless.  If you have a HM that you know works for you and want to come aboard a charity that can support your HM in helping those suffering the most; please PLEASE reach out by contacting through the information below:

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